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fruitpicking in Mildura

i am never eating garlic again!

so its jan the 3rd. i feel all sluggish from heavy few weeks in sydney drinking and living in the city.
am so looking forward to leaving!
am heading on a bus to Mildura which is on the NSW/Vict border.
am out to find my fortune(yeah rite!) fruitpciking!
17 hrs later i arrive and glad to get of the bus. pass thro Canberra and stop for an hr. please do not spend anytime at this place as i was bored after that!
arrive at the working hostel Oasis Backpackers-so strange to be out of the city. there is feield upon field of vines and lots of farms dotted around.
before i even settle in i find out that i am peeling garlic- teh one thing i did not wnat to do! but i think hey give it a go.
its actually not that bad-i mean the smell u get used too, and its inside a warehouse because when i say taht its hot here-i mena that it is hot!
also the other backpackers at the hostel are really nice and from all over the world.
this is my fifth day now and i am starting to settle in.
Milduara is actually a really pretty town and its so nice to be in the countryside.
so yeah its a milion miles away from Sydney-the nightclubs, fastfood resturants, clothes shoping!
but i strangely like it-even if i smell like garlic!!!!!!!!!!!!

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christmas in sydney

fireworks at harbour bridge!

can't believe that its New Years day and this time last night I was waiting for the second set of fireworks at the Harbour Bridge!
Sydney at New Years-what can i say? Amazing!
we had set out to get our spot at 11am and what a spot!
a perfect view of the bridge and what a gorgeous day! i think it was through a joined grioup effort taht we kept the forecasted rainclouds away.
the hours leading up to the first set of fireworks at 9apm actually went quite quick- spent the hous talking, playing games, talking to fellow travellers and ok, well, yes i did induldge in a few glasses of wine but hey its new years day!
the atmosphere was electric and as we approached 9pm the excitement started growing.
the first set wnet of with a bang(sorry for the pun) but hey, this was just the warm up act. as the sun went down the bridge looked even more magnificent. AS 12pm approached everyone rose to tehir feet-this is what we had bene waiting for for the last 12 hours! then the countdown, 5,4,3,2,1......
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The fireworks were breathtaking-every single colour u could think off- and there was a giant lite up image of a coathanger on the bridge.
in every direction the sky was lite up. I started singing OLd Langs Eye, then realised i didnt actually know teh words as usually teher is a family member tehat is with me that sings it for me! but hey i gave it a go!
what a day, what an evening!
a New Years i will always remember and also it finalised the end of my first part of travelling in Australia. an amazing and scary first part. am so looking forward now to moving on to the next part and experiencing a whole different side of auz- Mildura-fruitpicking,country hot, a million miles away from the fast moving, bright lights of sydney.
wish me pwb lwc!!!

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skydiving in Wollongong

the rush of my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sunny -25 °C

oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god-did i say taht already?!
i cant desribe to u how emotional today was!
so i had spent teh week laughing about skydiving-winding up the family-saying i was going to jump alone (i jumped tandem-u think i wnat responsibility over pulling the cord!?)
but when it came to it i was actually .. well... bricking it!!!!
so i met my instructer who reasssued me taht teher was nothing to worry about and taht we were only climbing 14,000 feet, we would be freefalling over the ocean and he went through the intsructions. arms accross my chest at first, kneel at teh door of the plane and when he signalled just fall out-yeah-easy-really!!!!!!!
and i did what i usually do in those sitautions-didnt really listen but pretended that i did!
i was jumping in an area called Wollongong-which was 2 hrs east of sydney, over a gorgeous beach. the conditions couldnt have been better- the sun was amazing,the sea an amazing aquamarine colour.
as we ascended over the ocean i literally felt my head would explode with the scenery!
the instructer pointed a mini camara in my face and asked me how i was feeling-oh u know, fine i mean jumping out of a plane may be normal for u luv but jumping out of bed hard enough for me these days!
then it was time-one, two, three....
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, f@!!!!!!@@@@@@@@%%%%%%%%%%%%%**************k!
rushing through the air, the water below me.. am going to die!!!!!
then the paracute opened and we drifted over the ocean - i got to control the reins!!! i did a few spins!!
this is WHY i came to auz!!!!
then time for landing, the sand rushing to my feet, then solid ground.
how do i feel!
i want to do it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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xmas on bondi

i got sunburned xmas day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey guys!
so yeah christmas on bondi-i did the typical backpacker xmas day but hey i'm in sydney, its xmas and it had to be done. it was so strange xmas morning-i mean at home its cold, usulaly raining, no one leaves the house, u watch tv all day, eat lots and drink. fall aleep at 9pm watching vicor of dipley!!! here i was on a bus at 12pm on the way to bondi beach. the streets were packed with people-i mean all the shops were open.even clothes shops!!! when we got to the bneach i was expecting hundreds of thousands of mad, drunk backpackers when actaully it was quite civilised! the beach was full but u could find a place to sit. there was lots of families having picnics. the policy on no alochol on the beach was very strict and there was police checking bags as soon as u got there which was good because a lot of alcohol, and backpackers on a beach doesnt mix well! it was a very surreal day-i mean i was there with a pair of shorts on, an xmas hat watching a guy dressed as santa on a surf board and an australian tv show filming him! so yeah i may be in the background to that!!! am glad i did it but not the expereinece i thought it wouldbe! also as much as it was nice to have sun, i was pining for some snow, (or rain) and dark mornings! spending time with my family and playing with my nieces toys!(sorry ellie!)
so yeah-xmas in the sun cool but at teh risk of sounding extremely chessy- there is definetly no place like home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Come all ye faithful!

carols at the opera house


in an attempt to get into the christmas spirit, i decided taht i needed to go to see a carol service-and what better place to go than the opera house! also a good excuse to put a dress on considering i have lived in my walking boots, vest tops and combats for teh last 7 weeks!!!
and the opera house didnt disappoint. the location couldnt be more perfect- it was beautiful. the harbour at night is a mix of music, lights, every nationaity under the sun and the atmosphere was buzzing!!!
the opera singers had amazing voices-very famous aussie singers that i obviously didnt know! we did the typical dumb tourist thing and took photos- a scary old woman told us off!!!
i couldnt resist joining in and singing silent night( i think everyone around me now have to see a psychtarist for psychological disturbance!)
anyone who was anyone was there-even father christmas himself- and yes i did have a photo with him-i have evidence-he exists!!!!!!!!!!!
it is going to be very wierd being away from home, family, friends this year -i am looking forward to bondi beach (well u have to rite?) and new years eve on teh harbour but am going to miss home like crazy. cold dark evenings, christmas dinner, vicor of dipley!!!
want to wish everyone who is reading this family, friends, other travellers -past, presenta nd future
merry christmas and have a happy, healthy safe and lucky new year

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