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wedi blino!!!

back to work-back to reality!!!!

hi guys so yeah decided a few weeks ago as well as needing tio make sure taht i dont run out of money and also because i was getting quite restless, i decided to trya nd get a job. bene working in a warehouse on and off last couple of weeks. i have to say taht it is the most difficult job taht i have had. i mena the work it self is quite easy-packing boxes, and putting pamplets in order of page number but its been so hard to stay awake! work starts at 630am but have to get up at 5am for the bus! also the factory is very hot and i coem hioome not only very dirty but also smelling of serious BO!!!!!!!!!!
sounds starnge but ahve actually enjoyed it as i ahev met soem australain people-because did u know atht no actual australains live in sydney!!!
anyhow its all good prepartion as i ahve arranged to do fruitpickinga fetr xmas-i live sydney on jan 3rd and head fopr milduara which is on the NSW /Victoria border! know its going to be seriously hard, hot work but looking forwrad to seeing real auz and being in the country! also gives me some tiem to save some cash for my next set of travels -hopefully to melborne and then taz!
anyhow gmtv (britsih tv morn show) filiming in sydney today so going to do my best to get on the box!!!!!look out for me!

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bridgeclimb-i did it!!!!!

And I'm still alive to tell the tale!!!!!

sunny -23 °C

oh my god.
thats is all i can say.(yeah rite!)
the one thing i wnated to do when in sydney was the bridgeclimb. I had been winding my mam up about me doing it for months beofre i came-saying that i was going to absail down the front of it(by the way u arent aloud to do that mam!)
i thought yeah this will be a piece of cake-am bit of a thrillseeker!
but must admit even i was scared when they started strapping us all up in a belt and expalining all the safety techniques. alos the hieght taht u climb too etc. didnt help taht teh group taht i was in the guy was really scared of flights and was a lovely shade of green.
felt like saying to our tour guide-let me out!!!
but honestly it is not scary at all-why? because u are so blown over by the scenery. the opera house looks even more magnificent, the harbour water that day was glistening green. it was fuull of sailing ships and yahts and the people looked like little ants.
the first bit of the climb was very steep up very narow steps -think everyones bum muscles had a good workout taht day!
our guide was great-told us about teh history of the bridge- the year it was built, how many people it took to build it, and u know non important information like how many people died building it! only 2 poeple fell off(very reassuring when u are at the top looking down at god knows how many racing cars under your feet)
sounds stupid but i felt really emotional. nearly had to use the communal tissue that the guides give u at the start! i mean yeah this IS a beautiful city-even with the skyscrappers and raods, and traffic. have got my photo of proof and a chessy certificate to mark the day.
next skydiving- 14,000 feet.
sorry mam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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me tipsy?!

the hunter valley-wine, chocolate, cheese, and more wine!!!

had a fab time at the hunter valley. the drive from sydney was breathtaking-we passed fieldd upon field of vineyards and beautiful rivers and mountains. afetr morning tea, we arrived at our first winery. here the tour guide demontsrated teh correct way to taste wine. u are first supposed to twirl the wine in your glass, then smell the wine-get your nose right in it! and take in all the aromas. then taste it taking time to swirl it around the pallet of yr mouth. never realised it was such a science!!! anyhow the HUnter valley produced some of the best wines in the world. we visted the most famous in the region called the drayton family winery. the guide explained theer what the difference was between wine in oak, and tin casets and the differencve in the wine making between the green and the red grape. so now i am ofically an expert!!! was quite tipsey by the end of the day -so all the extra knowledge I had aquired quickly disappeared!!! got me in the modd for fruitpicking after xmas tho- i mean hey it is goin to be hard, 6 days a week, hot lots of spiders, cockroches but a glass of wine watching the sun go down in the mountains-that sounds like a far trade!!!

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Surfs up dude!!!!!

yee ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

am really scared but have booked to go to surf camp the weekend!!! bascially i am goin to a beach just east of sydney and am goin to be given 4 lessons of surfing!! get to stay in a cabin in a forest with 40 other people! and no the sea is not shark infested so i should be fine! but me, surfing?!!! what if i cant get up on the board? what if the all laugh! but to come to aus and say u didnt surf would be unforgiveable!!! but tahts the whole point isnt it? doin things that u would never ever do at home! so wish me luck!
also goin on a wine tour to the hunter valley tomorrow! very civilised i get to sample 43 differnt types of wines. cheese, wine, choclate, wine...... yum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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my first cockroche!!!

be afraid, be very afraid!!

hi all! yuk! a huge cockroache just ran past my foot. but i contained myself with my usual sense of grace and did not scream- there are far worse things i will encounter along the way!
not been up to much last couple days between trying to sort out banks and getting a job and gettimng no where!!! its so competative here-can u beleieve taht u need a degree to make a coffee!!! also this man said to me today -we do not employ your kind-travellers!!!!! not happy bunny!!!
anyhow took a break and went to darling harbour-wow taht was an eye opener all the rich people walking around in their
suits! felt like a scruf in my thongs!! (sandals!) anyhow my plan for this week is to go to palm beach - its the beach where they film home and away! but not just taht its supposed to be gorgeous. went to a pub that does crab racing again last night- very surreal but good fun! also getting used to asking for a scooner and not a pint! dont think they quite understod when i asked for a snake bite tho!!!
anyhow of to bed-glad i sleep in a bunk-can cockroaches climb ladders?!!!!!!!

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