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breathtaking bangkok

hope this works -its to hot to do this again


hey all. actually made an entry the night before leaving for my trip and it didnt bloodly work. so i am not goingt o write a lot unless same thing happens! well i fly from london hethrow to thaliand with a bag that wieghed 23kg. i thought i was going to die!!! i curse conatct lenses! yes they may be small but they take up a lot of room! anyhow i am going out on a group package and meet my fellow backpackers- there are 7 girls and 3 boys. its only for the flight over buyt they are nice- some very young 18-very brave too! stopped in thaliand and nearly didnt leave!! it is one of the most beautiful places i ahve ever been to! the sound, smell, taste, temples, artwork-i could go on and on!! the thai poeple are so friendly.

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the start of my great adventure!

not all packed and left everything to last min!!

heres the story(well an edited version for me!)
my names lindsey and i'm 24. I'm from a small old mining town in Wales where the most exciting thing that happens is when the orange rugby hero Gavin henson, makes a local appearence or when it snows and the town sells out of bread and milk.
i've done the usual thing-did my alevels and went to uni.
graduated a few years ago with a Psychology Degree(and no i'm not the typical cliche of a psy grad-(well they let me out on weekends now and the voices aren't too bad)
anyhow i've always wanted to travel-i had it in my head i wanted to do camp Amercia, then last year it was a travel rep, the year before it was a TEFL Course in Prague.
But i've always chickened out.
there always seems to be an excuse u know-i mean i've had a great job for the last 2 years. Had the car, the flat, gone out for nice dinners and concerts. I have great mates and build up a life for my self in swansea.
Had the boyfriends-been for civilised couple dinners(feel sick just thinking oif the bordeem)
so yeah i should have been happy, contented and self satified that i been living the graduate dream.
then randomly i realized-
bloodly hell life is actually really really borning.
do i want to be doing this in a years time?, a months time, a weeks time?
So i quit my job, gave up my house, sold my car and got a ticket to Australia via Bangkok.
Granted i am going with an organistaion taht helps u set up your visa, bank etc but after that its up to me to find a job, home etc for the next year.
i leave on thursday.
scared? of course not i mean my history of travelling is amazing.
i missed a flight to spain as i mixed up the times of my flight, (mush to the amusement of the travel rep with no eyebrows) and i needed a GPS once to direct a mate to my flat.
i still put my shoes on the wrong feet sometimes.
so yeah i thought i might as well amuse/disturb/humilate myself (or at least take some peoples minds of work)with my antics of the next year(if i actually create a blog- as usually computers blow up with me just walking past them)
so here i go. its monday. i should be packing but instaed i am in teh library typing very badly and procrastating
i leave thursday and am completely clueless.
wish me luck because bloodly hell i am gonna need it.

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