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adeliade to ayers rock

hot, dusty and damn those flies!


so next i was headed from adeliade through some of the most remote regions of australia. this for me was hwta i was really lookig forwad to-outback australia.
some of the highlights included- William Creek. Population 8 people, flies 1 million! have never been so thnakfuul for a fly net!!!
a very strange "town" in the middle of nowwhere! the William Creek pub had a lot of character with very friendly staff. for a fee of 2 dollors u could leave yr stamp on the pub- as a result there were hundreds articules such as bank cards, driving licences, photos,bras, pants and passports left from all over the world! (leaving the last one on the list may have been done in a drunken haze!)
Coober Peddy-not what i expected. i thought(call me stupid!!) that u wouldnt be able to see this underground town from above ground. that there would be a litle trap door to climb down into the hostel!
but it was still a fastinating place- the church and tour of an underground house a must! also looked for opal and no luck!!!
Kings Cayon- the first part of this walk-heartattack hill-they call it that for a reason!!!!! but worth the climb -especially with the waterhole at the end.
Ayers Rock- this was the pinnacle of the journery i guess. i was hopeing that it wasnt just going to be a hyped up place full of tourists with camaras.
wierd, beautiful, enhanting, alien like.
thats the way i would describe the rock. seeing the rock change from orange too a deep red at sunset was beautiful.
equally camping out under the stars in swags and being awoken by the suns rays over and witnising this over the rock made all the flies, dust and hot journ on a bus more than worth it.
was so gutted when this part of the trip ended-met some lovely people, had some laughs and saw some amzing sights along the way.
being in the middle of nothingness really does make u realize how insignificent u really are. thats strangely a comforting thought as it makes u re evaluate alot and hopefuly for me it will make me worry far less about things i have no control about.
sounds corny but i really do feel taht this part of the trip was a real jounery that has changed me and that i will remember forever.

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great ocean road

gorgeous beaches-even if it rained!!!

so yeah after the disappoint of melbourne i was eager to start my trip of great ocean road. was going with a small tour company and had a good laugh.though some of the people on our tour seemed to think that included in the tour was the gurantee of good weather! (it rained two days!!!)
stopped at all the main points. saw the 9 apostles (well i counted 9!) that was realy strange -had read so much about them it was wierd actually being there and seeing it through my own eyes.
stood with the rest of the tourists taking pictures and then i thought-shit i am not actully seeing what is in front of me. so i put the camara away and just looked.
there are some things that are just too big or to magnificent that taking a photo of them would not do them justice.
also i didnt just wnat the same picture that every other traveller has in auz.
after the great ocean road the next to come was a trip taht would go from adedilede to william creek, coober peddy (god so excited!) up to ulru and alice springs. camping in swags, in the desert. middle of no where- no rest for the wicked!!

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a big let down-apart from doc kennedy!!!

so after tasmania i was feeling tired, and sad for leaving this gorgeous place. but also eager to head to melbourne and expereience the live music, and great social scebe that thiis city prmosed to offer.
this may not be a popular view but i actually didnt like melborne at all.
maybe its not the city itself but the fact that as my trip progresses i have learnt what i love and the types of places that i can really feel that i can be myself.
i mean melbourne although attractive and clean- It had some lovely buildings and shops. it was just another city.
i visited the usual backpacker scene-st kilda (stayed in a horrible 10 bed dorm!) and did the complusory neighbours nite (met my hero karl kenady and toadie-yes i am that sad!)
but apart from that i was disappointed. maybe i'm just not a city person! melbourne left me feeling lonley in a big confusing place and although melbourne was friendly it still had the quick moving attitude of cities that i really hate-so i was happy to leave and start a tour that would take me along the great ocean road, to adedelde up to coober peddy through to ayers rock and Alice Springs.
Visiting remote places away from traffic, crowds of people and hungry jacks sounded like heaven to me!!

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Australias hidden gem!!!!!

i was not expecting that tasmania would be the highlight of my trip so far!
please do not leave australia wihout visiting this place.
i started off in the city of Hobart which is extremely quaint with cobbled streets, a beautiful harbour and just a realxed atmosphere that i had not experienced whlist in sydney. the people are also so friendly and were only to happy to give directions after i got lost! i wnet to salamanica market which is held every wkend and is full of local crafts, jewellary and lovely food!!
i then started my tour and visited Port Arthur. this was a place where many of the first settlers were sent who commited crimes such as petty theft. people as young as 9 years old were sent to this centre to rehabiliate them and to teach them a trade to epuip them for life. Mnay did have a better life after port arthus but amny more suffered years of emotional and physical abuse in the prisons and ayslm that was at the base. it was realy moving to read their stories.
I also visted wineglass bay whcih is one of the most beautiful stretches of beach taht i have ever seen. At cradle mountain we sayed in gorgeous accomodiation in huts an d walked around beautiful lakes.
i saw the tasmanian devil and learnt how 70% have died recently due to a horrible face cancer that has wiped them out. luckily attempts are being amde to conatin the disease.
anotehr highlight was seeing faIRY PENGUINS AT BICHINO. a non highlight was a run in with a tiger snake taht i had when i stopped to go to the loo in the bush!!!!
tasmania really is a hidden jewel-u feel taht u ahve really travelled out of australia and not just an hr on a plane. if i have time i am going to revisit and its also inspired me to go to new zealand whcih is also supposed to be very simalr-if not better than tasmania.
if so i cant wait!

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still fruitcpicking in mildura!!!

its hot, sweaty, and i smell of BO!!!!


god its been a hard few weeks here whcih is the reaosn whyi havent updated the blog in a while!!
have finished at the garlic farm(am sad to say!) oh my god it has to be the worst job taht i have ever had! its noyt just smelling of garlic but it the way that u are treated at teh factory. u are not a person, but a number. a dog that is told to WORK, WORK, WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was hard actually adjusting to that- also to being the only person there taht could speak english! u canm imagine the hous went quick! then i ahd a job at a farm pickingplums which was really good and know i work at a grape farm.
i have nevr been so hot in all my life. 44 degree heat. every single muscle in yr body aching! fingers cut. u think u cant pick anymore grapes buit as it is paid by what u pcik u have no choice! have i put anyone off?
no its not all bad-i prmoise! u get to work outside. u go home feeling tired but tired because u have worked hard. there is no computer or office in sight. its away from every single piece of modern technology u can think off.
yeah my time here-strange really. enjoyed it as have met some great people. seen the country. drank gon!(the cheapest most vile wine i ahve ever tasted!!)
but am looking forward to the next part of my adventure. tasmania. begining of march for 11 days. then a tour that goes from melbourne to alice springs. cant wait to visit Coober Peedy(a town where epoepl live underground because it gets to hot)
so yeah when any fellow fruitpickers think that they cant possibly work for any longer just think of the reaosn why u came here. what u have left behind and what u want to achieve.
honestly it does motivate u to work-most of the time!!!!

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