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middy, schnoor, stubbie???????

so its been an eventful couple of weeks. Decided as soon as i got to perth that i wnated to leave again!
really like perth as a city but am far happier in small towns -as long as u have the ocean, a friendly hostel and the pub what else do u need?!
so started a tour up the West coast. Went to the Pinnacles and i was so disappointed! its hard ton get excited by a few rocks in a desert when u have about 3 or 4 tourist buses in the background! kalbarri was amzing though. Looking through natures window and the view -it was like being in a Pirates of the Caribeen film! went absailing in teh gorge and i was sooooooo scared! i shouted a few sweart words as i tumbled down the cliff!!!!
Monkey Mia -waht can i say? yes it is very tourist like and no its not mindblowing but i was impressed. the dolphins are treated very well there and it is kept as natural as possible. i had visions of the seaworld parks in spain with dolphins jumpin through hoops!!!!
now i am in a place called denham whcih is a gorgous little town-2 pubs, 2 supermarkets and teh ocean is right accross the road.
got a job working in the local pub. that an eye opener! still trying to get my head around the terms-middy, schnnor, tinnies- where are the pints of beer! but its fun and the locals are really friendly-even if i still havent got the hang of pouring a middy of beer!

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a sad goodbye to the margaret river

so its a long time since i've written but i have spent the last 6 weeks constantly working! after olive picking i moved to vine pruning-oh god i was crap! u have to deicide which vines to prune and keep for the next years growth. to cut a long story short it involves a lot of cutting, pulling out old vines and using a pair of secateers(like scisssors) u do taht for 8 hours a day and in teh end yr hand is like a claw!
am really selling this fruitpicking to u arent i?
but honestly i ahve had teh ,ost enoyable times in auz and met the most fantastic people while fruitcpicking. people from all difffernt countries with a variety of different reasons for being in auz.
also margaret river is such a beautiful place-even in winter the beaches that surround it such a prevellary beach are gorgeous-even so more when its stormy.
i cant iamgine ever working inside again- even when its raining and cold and u are standing by a row waiting to prune and it seems endless.
was so sad leaving and heading back to the city. but saw some fantastic sights along teh way. the gloucester tree(was to scared to climb as u climb 40 ft of the ground-made it half way tho! ) and blowholes were cool.
now in perth but heading up the west coast tomorrow. even perth with it being such a chilled out city is still to big for me now!
cant wait to get back to towns with 2 supermarkets, endless beaches and countryside-and one pub!

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damn those olives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

back to fruitpicking-oh the joy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yeah so i left perth and headed opn the start of my new adventure-sown the West Coast. I visited a place called Bunbury anfd really wnated to swim with the dolpins. was gutted as i was teh on ly one and the tour needed 4 people. apartuntly 24 degrees is too cold for many people (a bloody lovely summers day in Wales!!!!!!!!!!!)
but drownt my sorows in teh pub and met some real aussies- they were very friendly and didnmt laugh to much when they asked me how i was travelling and i said by bus! (it means how are u in australian slang!)
next was dunsborough which has some beautiful beaches. then to Margaret river. before getting here we stopped at Augusta. We also stopped at a place where the Indian Ocean and the Southern Ocean meet. the waves and the rocks were amazing.
so yeah manged to get a job here-picking olives. oh and i thought garlic was hard!
my job entails holding a rake that vibrates and i have to knock olives into a net basket. the rake is rewally heavy and teh net basket doesnt actually work very well at all! also my supervisor is a lazy sod who just watches and does nothing to help me! i just keep repeating a mantra to myself- money, seocong working visa, money, seconmd working visa!!!!
and margaret river is really beautiful- warm weather, good wine (though i am up to early to drink it and not suffer all day with a hangover!)
dont know how long i am going to last (until i get sackerd for being too slow!) so yeah its 8pm and am off to bed! hope i dont dream of olives!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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chilled out perth

finally a city i love!

so i got to perth feeling really nervous. not liking melbourne i didnt know what i was going to think.
i love it.
Kings Park has got to be one of the most beautiful gardens i have ever seen-so many differnt types of plants, flowers and the view of perth is breathtaking.
perth reminds me of sydney -but without the constant pushing! people are friendly and ask u if u are lost!
northbridge( backpacker central) is still able to retain a really chilled out vibe with amazing restaurants and good live music.
Scarbough beach has got to be one of the most beautiful beaches that i ahve seen so far-espcially at sunset.
fremantle is like a little british town with cobbled streets, old taverns and has a really fab market. Fremantle prison is another highlight that should not be missed.
Cottleshoe beach and Rottonist island were also highlights-saw a Quokka on Rottonist (which does not look like a rat! -the first settlers thought that it did and named the island after one! it actually quite cute!! )
so am a little bit sad taht i will be leaving on wed and heading down the west coast-going to bunbury(dolpins),maraget river (mmm wine)
walpole, and albany. am really excited by this next part of the trip. and will probably end up back in perth to make some money for the next part aftre that!!

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alice springs

time for work again!!!

so u know the story. go on tour, spend a lot of money, end up with no money, time to work!
thought alice would be the perfect place.
its a small town and although pretty there is really nothing to do so no temptation to spend money!
got a job in a hostel chnaging beds, cleaning kichen, vaccaming and toliets(lovely!!!)
met some lovely backpackers-nice hearing peoples stories from around the world and places taht they ahve visted!
but for the minority of backpackers this is for u.
please b nice- strip yr bed,
do yr dishes
and most important- please PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
do not block public toliets with toliet roll and sanitory towels. ( think of the poor bugger that has to unblock it!!!)
so alice has been a good a place as any to ahve some thinking time about what to do next.
have booked a flight to perth for next tues-yee ha!!!
its another city i know but have hopes it will be better than melbourne. also looking at tours that go both down the west coast to espance and up to broome. if anyone has advice on places that i should definetly visit along the way please let me know!

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